Who Cares

Sir Paul McCartney’s anti-bullying music video starring Emma Stone

2018 | Running Time: 6 minutes 20 Seconds | Rating: NR

The music video, WHO CARES — and accompanying #WhoCaresIDo campaign — fights against bullying. Reimagining the song “Who Cares” from Paul McCartney’s Album, Egypt Station, the project follows the hypnosis of a woman (Emma Stone) during her appointment with behavioral therapist and meteorologist Dr. Lorenz (Paul McCartney). Rendered in vivid details, the woman’s trance offers her tools to fight against her bullies. WHO CARES was released December 18th, 2018 on Youtube. Director: Brantley Gutierrez, Ryan Heffington; Producers: Regina K. Scully, Kyle Schember, Michael Abbott; Starring: Paul McCartney, Emma Stone