The Magic Beneath Us

Revealing the mysteries of mushrooms and their potential to save us

2018 | Running Time: 3 minutes 44 seconds | Rating: NR

A life-affirming, mind-bending short film about mushrooms and their mysterious root-like structure: mycelium. Fungi’s intelligent network has the proven ability to restore our ecosystem, repair our health, and resurrect our symbiotic relationship to nature. A cast of all-star artists, scientists, doctors and explorers reveal the incredible potential of mushrooms explaining how they offer solutions to our gravest environmental challenges, controlling climate change by absorbing vast amounts to carbon dioxide as well as alternatives to Western pharmacology with their complex chemistry producing powerful antibiotics. Mycelium too can shift consciousness and aid in deep personal transformation. Time-lapse imagery unveils fungi’s awesome capabilities as decomposers as well as composers, gifted with producing the ingredients of new life and sustaining our ecosystem. FANTASTIC FUNGI premiered at the 2018 Telluride Mushroom Festival. Director: Louie Schwartzberg; Producer: Lyn Davis Lear