The Last Dalai Lama?

A portrait of the Dalai Lama as he considers whether or not he will be reincarnated

2016 | Running Time: 90 minutes | Rating: NR

Since his exile from Tibet in 1959, the Dalai Lama has advocated for the Tibetan people’s autonomy, establishing a worldwide reputation for collaborative research examining the links between Buddhism and neuroscience. Combining interviews with the spiritual leader himself, his family and those he’s inspired, THE LAST DALAI LAMA? creates a portrait of the monk in his 80s as he deals with the questions that come with death and aging. Will he reincarnate as the Dalai Lama or will his millennia-old lineage end? THE LAST DALAI LAMA? premiered at the the 2016 Maui Film Festival. Director/Producer/Writer: Mickey Lemle; Executive Producer: Michael Goodwin, Dal LaManga

Mill Valley Film Festival 2016: Audience Award for Active Cinema

“A surplus of wisdom and benevolence radiates from The Last Dalai Lama?”

The New York Times