A group of survivors of sexual abuse by Catholic priests battle for justice.

2021 | Running Time: 1 Hour 56 minutes | Rating: R

In PROCESSION, documentary filmmaker Robert Greene — the director of the acclaimed Bisbee ’17 — follows male survivors of sexual assault who were abused by priests in Missouri’s Catholic churches. Working with therapists, the men engage in performance and drama therapy to work through their trauma. The film documents their scenes, revealing the power and systems of impunity in the church. Their productions are juxtaposed with their attorney, Rebecca Randles, as she fights to convene a grand jury and expose the abuses. Director: Robert Greene

Nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design, 2022

Nominated for a Peabody Award, 2022

Nominated for an International Documentary Association Award for Best Editing, 2020

Nominated for Best Documentary from the Film Independent Spirit Awards, 2021

Shortlisted for the Grierson Award for Best Cinema Documentary, 2022

Nominated for the News & Documentary Emmy for Outstanding Lighting Direction and Scenic Design, 2022

“Robert Greene’s gaze is an attempt to accord his subjects the dignity of attention, utilizing cinema as a form of emotional due process.”

Slant Magazine