Boyhood Shadows

Breaking the silence on male childhood sexual assault

2010 | Running Time: 61 minutes | Rating: TV-PG

BOYHOOD SHADOWS is a documentary that chronicles the journey of five men whose lives were changed by childhood sexual assault. Despite being surrounded by loved ones, these survivors continued to suffer in secret while family and friends were kept in the dark and at a loss to understand the trauma they were going through. BOYHOOD SHADOWS is aimed at breaking the cycle of silence and shame by giving a voice to the wounded and facilitating healing. After playing film festivals internationally, the documentary was distributed by the National Educational Telecommunications Association and broadcast on public television around the country. It’s also been screened as a learning tool by organizations like the MaleSurvivor Convention and the Prison University Project. Directors: Terri DeBono, Steven Rosen

WorldFest Houston 2009: Bronze Award
AAECT Film Festival 2009: Silver Place
Swansea Bay Film Festival 2010: Best Documentary (nomination)

“Strong editing extracts the poignant, the educational and the hopeful from a series of personal stories told by Kulik and seven other brave men…”