Our Circle

Mariska Hargitay

“Regina Scully and her Artemis Foundation are the embodiment of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s statement that ‘the world belongs to the energetic.’ How lucky we are to have Regina’s energy, so abundant, so fierce, so deeply committed to bringing positive change to our society. Through her vision and leadership, she has helped to bring crucial documentary films into the world, many of which would not have been able to make the journey from a filmmaker’s outrage to an idea for a film, and from idea to fully realized, vital, passionate, engaging narrative. What I admire most about Regina is her underlying spirit of optimism. There is a sense about her — and Artemis — that the good will come, the change will come, we just have to keep going, keep pushing, keep fighting. I applaud her and join her in that belief: that our collective energies and commitment to what is right and good will change the world.”