Our Circle

Geralyn Dreyfous

“There is no one as generous of spirit and as strong in instinct as Regina K Scully. She works energetically. She chooses stories that are hesitant. She is patient and kind and gives artists the time and space to come forward awkwardly or ferociously — she embraces the whole range.

Regina began by insisting that stories dealing with assault, abuse and recovery be told relentlessly. She was not afraid to fund up to ten of them at a time on the same subject believing that all her films were standing on the shoulders of each other and the backs of audiences hungry to see them. Whether these were films by first-time filmmakers or veterans, they were new voices because she funded stories that were unspoken truths. Little by little new stories came forward nurtured by stirring reactions of the last film. Untreated trauma, assault, addiction, shame were reframed by the simple act of going on record and speaking a truth that before was a tremor.

Regina’s commitment to release pain and suffering through storytelling is done with grace and humor. It starts with the way she listens and connects with filmmakers, and it’s translated by the way she believes in them. Beyond financial support, she gives encouragement and professional therapeutic support. She is committed to healing and intuitively knows that films are one way to address generational wounds and taboos. She believes in collective sighs and gasps of recognition and she fights for films that will achieve these. She also knows that fierce compassion scours stubborn terrain and releases joy, and that reclaimed joy, like laughter, is irrepressible.”