The corruption and cultural apathy exterminating the wild tigers of Asia

2018 | Running Time: 98 minutes | Rating: NR

TIGERLAND illustrates how shifting political realities in Russia and India have created a lucrative poaching underworld, which is decimating the tiger population. In just a few generations, the wild tiger population in Asia has dropped from over one hundred thousand to under four thousand. In the face of corruption and cultural apathy, Russian scientist Pavel Fomenko and the conservationist family of Kailash Shankala of India lead inspirational tiger-preservation movements to keep the legendary animal from disappearing entirely. While examining the systems that allowed the tiger’s near extermination, TIGERLAND is a stirring yet troubling portrait of our relationship to nature in the Anthropocene age. TIGERLAND premieres at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Director/Producer: Ross Kauffman; Producers: Xan Parker, Zara Duffy, Fisher Stevens; Executive Producers: Dave Sirulnick, Jon Kamen, Justin Wilkes, John Hoffman, Jon Bardin Directors: Elan Bogarín, Jonathan Bogarín

Sundance Film Festival 2019: Grand Jury Prize – Documentary (nomination)