The First Step

A series of town hall debates aimed at starting dialogue in a polarized political climate

2016-2017 | Running Time: 24 minutes total over 3 episodes | Rating: NR

In the United States today, the establishment is on the ropes, the rebels are on the rise, and now the people are ready to talk. People aren’t just talking, they’re screaming at the top of their lungs. But we can’t seem to listen. In the midst of all the inflammation and toxicity of the election season, we’ve all lost the ability to step into someone else’s shoes and see each other as human beings. THE MESSY TRUTH is a town hall series hosted by political commentator Van Jones driven at starting dialogue, challenging assumptions and complicating everyone’s worldview. The series premiered on CNN in 2016. Director: Brandon Kramer; Producer: Lance Kramer; Executive Producer: Van Jones, Jana Carter

“Jones serves as host and, effectively, coastal America’s political ambassador to what some now describe as ‘real America.’”