That Way Madness Lies

Filmmaker Sandra Luckow offers an intimate portrait of untreated schizophrenia through her brother’s iPhone documentation

2017 | Running Time: 101 minutes | Rating: NR

Shaky iPhone footage shows Duanne Luckow’s descent into madness: his daily interactions, paranoid-delusions and a full-blown psychotic episode at the top of 611-foot Multnomah Falls’ crashing waters near Portland, Oregon. Three months into Duanne’s first court-ordered 180-day commitment at Oregon State Hospital, Sandra Luckow, his sister and filmmaker, visited him. He gave her his iPhone with 250 video clips. He wanted his experience documented. This personal film gives a glimpse into the unfiltered mind of an untreated schizophrenic, as well as the mounting debt and emotional stress the Luckow family face as they try to navigate a broken health system to help Duanne post-breakdown. THAT WAY MADNESS LIES premiered as part of the 2017 North West Tracking Series, going on to be featured on an episode of CBS’ 60 MINUTES. Director/Producer: Sandra Luckow; Executive Producers: Abigail Disney, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Regina K. Scully



Hot Springs International Women’s Film Festival 2018: Best Feature Documentary
IndieFEST Film Awards: Award of Merit Special Mention

“The film looks at the loopholes in the mental health system in the United States, in which patients can’t really be treated until they’re criminalized.”