Swift Current

A NHL player deals with the lifelong effects of sexual abuse

2015 | Running Time: 90 minutes | Rating: NR

In his youth, Sheldon Kennedy was scouted by the then famous Junior-A Coach Graham James. James tutored and mentored Kennedy all the way to the NHL, but after getting there Kennedy began to act bizarrely. The newly pro player turned violent and self-destructive and the reasons why only became clear years later. In 1996, Kennedy and others accused James of sexual abuse. Following his professional hockey career, Kennedy has become an advocate of child abuse prevention and education. SWIFT CURRENT details Kennedy’s story from abuse to advocacy. The film premiered on Global TV in 2015, going on to have various screenings at universities. Director/Producer/Writer: Joshua Rofé; Writer: Jason Rosenfield; Producer: Mark Jonathan Harris; Executive Producers: Geralyn White Dreyfous, Alexandra Dickson Gray, James Gray, Debra Mauro, Tom Mauro, Regina K. Scully

“Helping victims of sexual abuse come forward and open up about these crimes is just one part of Swift Current. What makes it a truly powerful film is the acknowledgement that this step is not the final one in the healing process.”