Sell/Buy/Date is a hybrid documentary/narrative film that features one woman with many voices exploring her personal take on, as well as the current debate about, sex work, all while maintaining a sense of humor and hope.

2022 | Running Time: 1 hour 37 minutes | Rating: NR

Sell/Buy/Date intends to shine light on communities whose rights and dignity have historically been usurped and ignored, and whose worth and value have been questioned or denied, including through violence. We believe the key to restoring these voices to their full power in our culture is creating characters and stories that center the authentic realities of diverse people in a way that is both specific and universal,
informative and moving. In this way, we intend for audiences across all backgrounds to
empathize and connect with these characters as people, not distant “others”. When
audiences see a woman sharing her experience of sex work, for example, not as an
abstract or limiting stereotype, but as a fully realized human being deserving of the
same hopes, aspirations, rights, and power as anyone else, public opinion can shift, and
concrete social change becomes not only possible but inevitable. Sarah Jones, Director; Julie Parker Benello, Producer

“If you’re hoping to land squarely on an “aye” or a “nay” about the sex-work industry, Sarah Jones’s documentary-narrative feature, “Sell/Buy/Date,” won’t help. And that’s a good thing.”

–Lisa Kennedy,
New York Times

“In a world where discourse is flattened into hyperbolic hot takes, it’s a rare and, frankly, beautiful thing to watch the process of someone seeking answers, asking questions and listening to lived experience before coming to her own conclusions.”

–Katie Walsh,