$avvy explores why it’s critical for women to understand and take control of their personal finances.

2021 | Running Time: 79 minutes | Rating: NR

$avvy is a feature-length documentary which investigates the historical, cultural and societal norms around women and money. With incisive humor and captivating honesty, $avvy questions why women often take a backseat to managing their money, and reveals why it’s increasingly critical for women to take the reins of their financial futures. Director: Robin Hauser

Robin Hauser, Director

Robin Hauser is an award-winning director of documentary films at Finish Line Features. Robin’s most recent documentary, $avvy , (2021) contemplates the historical, cultural and societal norms around women and money and explores why it’s critical for women to take an active role in managing personal finance. Her film, bias (2018) , sdelves into unconscious bias and how it affects our lives socially and in the workplace. n 2015, CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap , premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, screened at The White House and caught the attention of the international tech industry and of policy makers around the world. Robin’s exploration into implicit gender and racial bias in artificial intelligence led her to present on the TED stage in December 2017. She also delivered a TEDx talk in 2019 on “The Likability Dilemma for Women Leaders.” Robin is a diplomat for the American Film Showcase and speaks about unconscious bias, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and on behalf of women’s rights at US Embassies, conferences and corporate headquarters worldwide.

Naples International Film Festival, 2021: Winner of the Impact Award

“If you know someone, who needs to wake and snap out of this idea that one’s money problems will one day magically go away, this is the film to show them.”

Alan Ng, Film Threat