One of Us

Three Hasidic Jews face ostracism and threats when leaving their orthodox community

2017 | Running Time: 95 minutes | Rating: NR

ONE OF US penetrates the insular world of New York’s Hasidic community, focusing on three individuals driven to break away. Etty and Ari have suffered abuse, spousal and sexual respectively, and Luzer wants to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. Delving into their lives over the span of two years, the film shows how leaving the fold will mean being cut off from family members and — in one case — enduring intense retaliation. While rooted in the specifics of a community, ONE OF US explores a universal theme: the value of individuality versus belonging to a group. The documentary premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. Directors/Producers: Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady

Critics Choice Documentary Awards 2017: Most Compelling Living Subject of a Documentary
Critics Documentary Awards 2017: Best Documentary (nomination)
Oklahoma Film Critics Circle Awards 2018: Best Documentary (nomination)
Philadelphia Film Festival 2017: Best Documentary (nomination)

“As a documentary, One of Us, about three ultra-Orthodox Jews, is a small act of portraiture, but each portrait captures the pain of learning to live life anew.”