My Name is Andrea

My Name Is Andrea is the story of controversial feminist writer and public intellectual Andrea Dworkin, who offered a revolutionary analysis of male supremacy with iconoclastic flair.

2022 | Running Time: 1 hours 30 minutes | Rating: NR

A cinematic evocation of key moments from the life of feminist outlaw Andrea Dworkin, maverick thinker and intellectual genius of the 20th Century. Through innovative use of archival footage and expressionistic dramatizations, the film pushes the creative boundaries of biographical documentary to challenge the current narratives on gendered violence.

My Name Is Andrea, a genre defying film explores the visceral effects of male violence on women’s psyches and bodies through the compelling verbatim writings of radical feminist Andrea Dworkin (1946-2005). The original ‘angry woman’, Dworkin’s experience of male violence was the unflinching compass for her writings. The film is structured around five chapters, each chapter anchored by an archetypal ‘Andrea,’ performed by a diverse cast of actresses- Amandla Stenberg, Soko, Andrea Riseborough, Ashley Judd and Christine Lahti. The film imaginatively interweaves these dramatized personas and compelling archival footage to create an arc of one life as dramatic as the decades in which it unfolded and speaks directly to the #MeToo movement of today. Directer: Pratibha Parmar

“This film will be like no other — lyrical and journalistic, placed in time and also timeless. And now that Andrea Dworkin’s words are turning out to predict headlines, from Times Up! to the gender of terrorism, this film will illuminate what’s going on and help us know what to do.”

– Gloria Steinem | Executive Producer of My Name Is Andrea