Angela Merkel’s strength is endorsed in this documentary by politicians such as Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton, and by journalists who followed her career closely.

2022 | Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes | Rating: NR

With a chancellorship traversing four US presidents, a major refugee crisis and a troubled relationship between Germany and Russia, Angela Merkel consistently held her own on the world stage as one of the longest-serving German chancellors ever. Merkel looks back, both on her work and on the early years that shaped her.

Following an oppressive childhood behind the Berlin Wall, living in constant fear of the Stasi, Merkel embraced physics with great success. This background gave her a unique palette of knowledge and experience, which proved invaluable after she exchanged science for politics. From 2005 she grew to become a resolute chancellor and an anchor for Europe. As a woman in a bastion of masculinity, she understood how to deal with alpha males in politics. Meanwhile, her opponents consistently underestimated her.

Eva Weber, Director

Eva Weber is a London-based, German filmmaker working in both documentary and fiction. Weber’s award-winning short films have screened at numerous festivals, including Sundance, Telluride, Edinburgh, and London, amongst others.

“A thoughtful, admiring doc about a German political pioneer.”