Look into My Eyes

A group of New York City psychics conduct deeply intimate readings for their clients, revealing a kaleidoscope of loneliness and connection, joy and eccentricity, pain and healing.

2024 | Running Time: 1 hour 48 minutes | Rating: NR

This project is a poetic exploration of the most mysterious form of therapy: psychic readings. Weaving intimate psychic sessions about hopes and fears, audiences will cinematically experience the fundamental human desire to understand ourselves.
Filmmaker: Lana Wilson

Lana Wilson, Director

Lana Wilson makes films that use real people and situations to create transformative cinematic experiences. Her work includes After Tiller, an Emmy-winning feature documentary about the four most-targeted abortion doctors in America; The Departure, a Spirit Award-nominated feature documentary about a punk-turned-priest who helps people find reasons to live; and Miss Americana, a critically acclaimed documentary about global icon Taylor Swift. Wilson’s latest film, the two-part documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields, was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Directing for a Documentary.

“One of Sundance’s best documentaries. Mystical…marvelously nuanced and fascinating in its examination. Is this performance? Is it ‘real’? And if it brings peace to the living, does it matter?”

Alissa Wilkinson, THE NEW YORK TIMES

“ONE OF THE 10 BEST MOVIES FROM SUNDANCE 2024. What Wilson’s complicated, compassionate film ends up proving beyond a shadow of a doubt is that people need to be told that they’re forgiven, they’re loved, and they can let go and move on from trauma. The speaking-from-beyond aspect almost seems superfluous. It’s more about those who have a desire to heal by any means necessary.”