Don’t Make Me Over: The Dionne Warwick Story

The life of iconic singer and legend Dionne Warwick

2021 | Running Time: 1 Hour 35 minutes | Rating: NR

Set against a music world profoundly divided between black and white, DON’T MAKE ME OVER tells the dramatic story of Dionne Warwick’s meteoric rise from New Jersey gospel choirs to international cross-over super stardom. She may be best known for her huge catalogue of classic songs — indeed, she ranks second only to Aretha Franklin in her number of top 100 hits — but she spent (and continues to spend) enormous amounts of time and energy addressing pressing social ills. She is a United States health ambassador, a leader in the fight to develop a cure for AIDS, and women’s rights worldwide, among other causes. Filmmakers: David Heilbroner and Ellen Goosenberg



“Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Me Over is a feast for the soul that will have you singing along to the movie. This film is a delicious treat not to be missed. ”