Dogtown Redemption

Three marginalized characters survive redeeming recyclables

2015 | Running Time: 95 minutes | Rating: NR

DOGTOWN REDEMPTION follows the lives of three outsiders who survive redeeming bottles, cans, and other recyclables in an area of West Oakland, California nicknamed “Dogtown.” There’s Jason Witt, the ultimate recycling hustler, hauling shopping carts that weigh over a ton; Landon Goodwin, a former minister struggling with his fall from grace; and Miss Hayok Kay, the daughter of a prominent Korean family and one-time drummer for 80s punk-polka band Polkacide now at the mercy of the streets. These marginalized characters offer important perspectives on race, class, mental health and space in a modern American City, humanizing an urban underbelly many of us never see. DOGTOWN REDEMPTION premiered in 2015 at the Mill Valley Film Festival and in 2016 on PBS’s acclaimed Independent Lens series. Co-Director: Chihiro Wimbush; Co-Director/Producer: Amir Soltani


Emmy Award 2017: Outstanding Business and Economic Documentary (nomination)
Mill Valley Film Festival 2015: Active Cinema (nomination)

“Hollywood could not have scripted a more complex and emotionally taut cast of characters.”