Dante: Inferno to Paradise

The purpose of Dante: Inferno to Paradise this three-hour documentary, is to introduce a wider, English speaking audience to the story of Italian poet Dante Alighieri and his masterwork, The Divine Comedy, one of the most lasting and influential works of literature in human history.

2024 | Series Running Time: 1 hour 54 minutes | Rating: NR

Dante and his writing were central to the emergence of humanism as the Medieval world gave way to the Renaissance in Italy and Europe ni the 1300s. Dante’s ideas and his poetry were original and groundbreaking and ni many ways his work, written centuries ago, speaks directly to our lives now. The film explores the relationship of the secular world and the divine; the emergence of vernacular Italian as a literary language; the nature of literary creation; the birth of realism; the limits of human reason, and the tension between reason and faith; the political, social and economic tensions shaping and defining the 13th and 14th century Florentine world and, ni many ways, the world we live in now.