Audrie & Daisy

A harrowing tale of teenage sexual assault in the social media age

2016 | Running Time: 95 minutes | Rating: NR

In American towns on opposite sides of the country, two teenage girls pass out from alcohol at high school parties, and, while unconscious, both are sexually assaulted by boys they call their friends. When both high school students find out that their rapes have been caught on camera, there are ripple effects on their families, friends, schools and communities. In the aftermath, the girls each endure online harassment, both attempt suicide, and tragically, one girl dies. AUDRIE & DAISY is a documentary that explores the new world of social media spun out of control, where teen rapes go viral and we’re all left desperate for solutions. The film premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Director: Jon Shenk; Director/Producer: Bonni Cohen; Producers: Richard Berge, Sara Dosa

Peabody Awards 2017: Award of Merit
Sundance Film Festival 2016: Documentary (nomination)
Cinema Eye Honors Awards 2016: The Unforgettables
Critics Choice Documentary Awards 2016: Best Song in a Documentary, Best Documentary Feature, Best Political Documentary (nomination)
Annie Awards 2017: Best Animated Special Production (nomination)
Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2016: Best Original Song – Documentary (nomination)
Women Film Critics Awards 2016: Adrienne Shelly Award, WFCC Award – Best Documentary by or About Women (nomination)

“Infuriating, heartbreaking and vital, Audrie & Daisy is required viewing.”