Athlete A

ATHLETE A follows the intrepid reporters, brave gymnasts, and legal team that put Larry Nassar behind bars and exposed decades of abuse at USA Gymnastics.

2020 | Running Time: 104 minutes | Rating: PG-13

Athlete A spotlights the horrific sexual abuse of hundreds of young athletes by USAG team doctor Larry Nassar, and shines an even brighter light on the team of individuals working to hold USA Gymnastics and Lassar Nassar accountable. The Indianapolis Star reporters who broke the story and revealed the cover-up that occurred at the highest levels of the Olympic sport. The courageous group of survivors—Nichols, Denhollander, Dantzscher and Howard–who bravely fought the system. Together with a team of other determined women,including—police detective Lt. Andrea Munford and prosecuting attorney Angela Povilaitis— truth prevailed. Justice was served. Nichols was able to find joy in the sport again—at the college level.

“Athlete A” is compellingly told by Cohen and Shenk so that we experience the pain and courage of these survivors, but also glimpse the big-picture backdrop of what occurred.


“Athlete A” Emmy win for Outstanding Investigative Documentary, 2020
Winner: Grierson Awards & Critics Choice Award, 2020
Nominated for a Peabody Award, 2020