32 Pills: My Sister’s Suicide

Piecing together the life, death and mental illness of an older sibling

2017 | Running Time: 89 minutes | Rating: TV-MA

A personal film from the perspective of director Hope Litoff: “A few days before December 12, 2008, my sister Ruth Litoff decorated her Manhattan loft like a beautiful stage set with fifteen suicide notes surrounding her and specially selected gifts for her closest friends. The film begins on that day I found Ruth dead and traces over her fascinating life and work. It follows my journey as I examine her rich body of artwork, interview friends and family and read her journals for the very first time. She excelled at everything she did. She was my hero. Why would she want to die? Like a detective, I’m trying to piece it all together.” 32 PILLS premiered at the 2017 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Director: Hope Litoff; Producer: Beth Levison

Hope Litoff, Director

Hope Litoff comes to directing as a 20-year veteran film editor. She began working in the editing department of television documentary series by directors like Ken Burns. She’s gone on to edit verité projects playing film festivals like COLLEGE BOYS LIVE (2009) and acclaimed TV docs like INDIE SEX (2007). 32 PILLS is her directorial debut.

Beth Levinson, Producer

Beth Levinson is an independent producer-director and the recipient of two national Emmy Awards and three Peabody Awards. Prior to 32 PILLS, she produced THE TRIALS OF SPRING (2015), a cross-media project about activists in the Middle East. Her independent documentary directorial debut was the award-winning LEMON (2011) about poet Lemon Andersen.

Denver International Film Festival 2017: Best Documentary
Woodstock Film Festival 2017: Best Editing of a Documentary Feature

“32 PILLS: MY SISTER’S SUICIDE packs a powerful emotional punch with its unflinching portrait of two siblings dealing with past and present demons.”